Boring Carts Acai Berry Gelato(Hybrid)


Boring Carts Acai Berry Gelato

Want to experience a powerful and uplifting high? Boring Carts Acai Berry Gelato is the perfect cannabis strain for you! Enjoy its sweet, creamy taste and aromatic, earthy notes. Get ready for an energizing and focused high with up to 32% of THC. The primary terpene of this strain is Limonene and medical users say it helps them with anxiety, insomnia, headache and during episodes of ADHD. Get your hands on the best combination of Thin Mint Cookies & Sunset Sherbet with Acai Berry Gelato!


Berry, Tar, Tea

Reported strain effect:

Happy, Relaxed, Talkative


Hybrid(indica dominant)




Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene


Boring Carts Acai Berry Gelato(Hybrid)

Get ready to experience the energizing and focusing effects of Boring Carts Acai Berry Gelato! Our sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain is made by crossing Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, giving you a deep purple plant dripping with trichomes. With up to 32% THC, you’ll be feeling uplifted, talkative, and happy. Enjoy the earthy, tropical citrus aroma and sweet cream and berry flavors. Acai berry gelato is originally bred by Sherbinski. Try Acai Berry Gelato today for the full experience!



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