Boring Carts Papaya(Indica)


Boring Carts Papaya

Get ready to experience the “Island of Calm” with our Boring CartsĀ  Papaya strain! Enjoy a unique blend of mental clarity and energy that’ll help you stay productive and motivated. Our cross between Citral 13 & Ice 2 has a strong tropical fruit aroma that is deliciously sweet, peppery and spicy. Enjoy the Nirvana Seeds take on Mango with the exotic, delicious effects of Papaya!


Mango, Tropical, Tree fruit

Reported Effects:

Relaxed, Sleepy, Hungry






Myrcene. Limonene, Caryophyllene


Boring Carts Papaya(Indica)

Discover the exotic escape of Boring Carts PapayaNirvana Seeds‘ indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Experience the tropics with its sweet and spicy flavor, while also feeling a calming mental ease and energy that makes you productive throughout your day. With Papaya, go on an out of this world journey to relax and refuel – without ever leaving your home. Get ready for an all-natural tropical experience with Boring Carts Papaya.



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