Boring Carts Pina Colada(Sativa)


Boring Carts Pina Colada

Find your bliss with Boring Carts Pina Colada! Get a natural boost in your day with this potent CBD-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Enjoy its 3-to-1 CBD:THC ratio, which offers a mild but powerful combination of uplifting euphoria and functional relaxation for physical discomfort relief. Rejuvenate your body and soul with Pina Colada!


Pineapple, Tropical, Rose

Reported strain effect:

Focused, Energetic, Uplifted









Boring Carts Pina Colada(Sativa)

Unwind & relax with Boring Carts Pina Colada! This CBD-dominant hybrid marijuana strain is the perfect way to take a break and enjoy the uplifting euphoria that comes with it. It has a spicy and grassy flavor. Rich in therapeutic effects, Pina Colada’s 3-to-1 ratio of CBD:THC will lift you up, reduce inflammation and physical discomfort, while providing an overall sense of relaxation and calm. Get ready to experience the natural healing power of Pina Colada!.


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