Boring Carts Watermelon(Indica)


Boring Carts Watermelon

Experience a delicious, fruity flavor and long-lasting relaxation with Boring Carts Watermelon, the indica marijuana strain made for your ultimate pleasure. Enjoy the sweet taste of watermelon, combined with a hashy undertone, as you relax into a blissful state of rest, perfect for sleeping and appetite stimulation. With Watermelon’s impactful effects, you’ll be feeling relaxed in no time!


Sweet, Tropical, Grape

Reported strain effect:

Sleepy, Relaxed, Hungry






Myrcene, Caryophyllene


Boring Carts Watermelon(Indica)

Experience the taste of summer all year round with Boring Carts Watermelon, the indica marijuana strain that’s both delicious and effective. With its distinct fruity watermelon flavor profile and hash undertones, it’s perfect as a sleeping aid or appetite stimulant. Get ready to relax and enjoy the sweet taste of summer every day with Watermelon cannabis strain!



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